2006 Cartoon Archives

  1. on the death of President Ford
  2. on Iraq Study Group report
  3. on Democrats winning Congress
  4. on Halloween
  5. on accusing Senator George Allen of racism
  6. on fifth anniversary of September 11
  7. on July 4th
  8. on WMDs having been found in Iraq
  9. on Rep. Murtha running for Democrat House Majority Leader
  10. on Memorial Day
  11. on Illegal Aliens Boycotting
  12. on a windfall tax
  13. on Rep. McKinney punching Capitol Hill police
  14. on Senator Feingold's censure resolution
  15. on South Dakota banning abortion
  16. on Democrat Iraq War Vets running for Congress
  17. on Bush's State of the Union Address
  18. on Iran's nuclear program
  19. on the Alito hearings
  20. on preview of 2006