1995 Cartoon Archives

  1. on Bosnia and the media
  2. on Lobby Reform
  3. on Clinton and Bosnia
  4. on the budget showdown between Clinton and the Republicans
  5. on voting
  6. on Colin Powell
  7. on the Gay Rights Bill
  8. on the abortion issue
  9. on the Million Man March
  10. on the Unabomber's manifesto
  11. on English as the official language of the USA
  12. on women in the military/Shannon Faulkner
  13. on me (introducing myself to the newcomers to the University at Buffalo)
  14. on Earth Day
  15. on Clinton and Robert McNamara's disavowing the Vietnam War
  16. on the NEA
  17. on Republican tax cuts
  18. on a difference between Republicans and Democrats
  19. where, for April Fool's Day, I did an ultraliberal cartoon
  20. on Welfare mothers
  21. on class envy
  22. on Clinton's stance on Affirmative Action
  23. on Clinton's State of the Union Address