2000 Cartoon Archives

  1. on Bush's diverse Cabinet
  2. on the Election results
  3. on Gore's desperation
  4. on Gore not conceding
  5. on Democrats disqualifying military ballots
  6. on a revote in Palm Beach County
  7. on the confused Palm Beach County voters
  8. on the "Subway Series"
  9. on Clinton helping Gore's campaign
  10. on the many Al Gores
  11. on Gore's "exaggerations"
  12. on "the mole"
  13. on Gore using the petroleum reserves to cut oil prices
  14. on Gore criticizing the movie industry
  15. on Gore's economic plan
  16. on Bush's obscenity
  17. on the wildfires
  18. on Gore's convention speech
  19. on Lieberman's and Gore's differences
  20. on Gore choosing Lieberman as his running mate
  21. on Gore attacking Cheney's health
  22. on constant media speculation on Bush's running mate
  23. on the marriage penalty
  24. on the missile defense system
  25. on Gore and gasoline prices
  26. on Gore's plan to give low income wage earners extra money for savings
  27. on the death penalty
  28. on the New York Senate race
  29. on Gore's floundering campaign
  30. on Giuliani dropping out
  31. on the Million Mom March
  32. on the "ILOVEYOU" virus
  33. on Clinton's hate crime and gun control policies
  34. on the Feds seizing Elian
  35. on Tax Day
  36. on the Microsoft antitrust ruling
  37. on Gore's new position on the Elian case
  38. on the Census
  39. on the recovered stolen Oscars
  40. on Super Tuesday
  41. on McCain self-destructing
  42. on so-called political pundits
  43. on the open primaries
  44. on the recent weather
  45. on Clinton's State of the Union gaffe
  46. on everyone's interest in Elian Gonzalez
  47. on the Confederate flag over the South Carolina capital
  48. on the media and Elian Gonzalez
  49. on the so-called new millennium