1999 Cartoon Archives

  1. on campaign finance reform supporters
  2. on Clinton threatening to sue gun makers for gun violence
  3. on the Mars Polar Lander
  4. on the new OSHA regulations
  5. on the ruling of Microsoft as a monopoly
  6. on the Seattle shooting
  7. on Pat Buchanan running as an independent
  8. on the Nuclear Test Ban Treaty
  9. on the "Patients' Bill of Rights"
  10. on the Virgin Mary painting at the Brooklyn Museum of Art
  11. on Buchanan flirting with the Reform Party
  12. on Clinton giving clemency to FALN terrorists
  13. on why Clinton really opposes GOP tax cuts
  14. on the federal government protecting an endangered fly
  15. on Washington DC's gun Buyback Program
  16. on the Clinton/Gore Record
  17. on Clinton's opposition to GOP tax cuts
  18. on "Floodgate"
  19. on the excessive media coverage of JFK Jr.'s death
  20. on Clinton comparing himself to George W. Bush
  21. on Patrick Henry's famous quote
  22. on Gore campaigning to faith-based organizations
  23. on Gore's candidacy for the presidency
  24. on Democrats and gun control
  25. on Milosevic yielding to NATO
  26. on the Cox Report
  27. on Star Wars fans
  28. on Clinton on violence in the entertainment industry
  29. on NATO accidentally bombing the Chinese Embassy
  30. on Clinton allowing Chinese espionage in U.S.
  31. on the Littleton massacre
  32. on the air strikes in Kosovo
  33. on Chinese Premier Zhu Rongji's visit
  34. on Clinton ignoring Pentagon's advice on Kosovo
  35. on U.S. involvement in Kosovo
  36. on Al Gore claims of creating the Internet
  37. on voting rights for felons
  38. on Clinton's acquittal
  39. on Clinton's new anti-drug proposal
  40. on the Pope's visit with the President
  41. on Clinton's State of the Union speech proposals
  42. on Clinton's upcoming State of the Union address
  43. on a bipartisan impeachment trial plan
  44. on the new year