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Interested in joining the growing list of publications that publishes "Politically Correct"? Assuming that was a "yes", GREAT! Please be aware that Jim spends many hours on each cartoon and they are not available for free. There are special student and teacher rates, but they aren't zero dollars.

Publishing Politically Correct:

Jim's cartoon is available for regular or one-time-only reprints for your newspaper, magazine, or newsletter, presentation, book, or other media. Individual cartoons are available for your Web site, but for weekly cartoons for your site, we offer special HTML code, as described below.

Weekly self-updating cartoons for your Web site:

If you are looking for a virtually effortless way to increase repeat traffic to your site, consider adding Politically Correct to your Web site. Paste some HTML on your Web site and the cartoon updates itself each week.

Jim Huber: Cartoonist for hire:

If you need custom cartoons for your publication, Web site, or even as a gift, how about an "original Jim Huber"? Jim is available for freelance cartooning projects.

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