1997 Cartoon Archives

  1. on Larry Lawrence's false military record
  2. on Clinton teaching children to be "tolerant"
  3. on Clinton calling voting for tax cuts "selfish"
  4. on Jiang Zemin's visit
  5. on Clinton's fundraising
  6. on the UPS strike
  7. on Clinton considering line item veto on tax cuts
  8. on Attorney General Janet Reno refusing an independent counsel for Democrat fundraising scandals
  9. on Clinton's plan to give child tax credits to people not paying income tax
  10. on the media coverage of the Campaign Fundraising Investigation
  11. on Hong Kong being returned to China
  12. on tobacco companies and smokers' rights
  13. on Clinton's dialogue on race
  14. on the Oklahoma City bombing verdict
  15. on the Paula Jones lawsuit
  16. on Clinton and vetoing the partial birth abortion ban
  17. on partial birth abortions
  18. on Democrats anti-tobacco company sentiments
  19. on smokers suing tobacco companies
  20. on Heaven's Gate and the IRS
  21. on the CDA going to the Supreme Court
  22. on Clinton hiring welfare recipients for federal jobs
  23. on Clinton letting donors sleep in the Lincoln bedroom
  24. on Lee County Fire Dept. stealing issues of the <I>Examiner</I> after receiving unflattering coverage by the paper
  25. on Clinton's Inaugural Address
  26. on Democrats taping Newt Gingrich's phone call
  27. on Ebonics