1996 Cartoon Archives

  1. on Democrats and Newt Gingrich's ethics charges.
  2. on World AIDS Day
  3. on bipartisanship
  4. on Clinton's re-election
  5. on Clinton being a liberal
  6. on the media and paying for Dole's tax cut
  7. my last cartoon at the Spectrum
  8. on the 1993 Clinton gas tax hike
  9. on Secretary's Appreciation Day
  10. on environmentalists
  11. on protests for an Ethnic Studies department at the University at Buffalo
  12. on taxes, and the American public's memory
  13. on students and state cuts to the State University of New York system
  14. on increasing minimum wage
  15. on assault weapons
  16. on "sexual harassment"
  17. on the Internet being regulated.
  18. on Clinton's State of the Union Address